Digital Marketing is the art and science of building a community and acquiring customers for businesses through digital platforms. People socialize, research, shop, sell, comment and share experiences today, everything can be done online instantaneously.

Traditionally, people consumed content through TV, Radio and Newspapers. Today, there is an overload of content in digital platforms such as: websites, blogs, e-paper, articles, web content, etc. Marketers go where the customers are resulting in the need to build a strong digital presence. Digital media includes social media, search engines, email marketing, content marketing and mobile marketing.




Digital Marketing works in multiple ways to help build a business, some of the benefits of digital marketing are:

Build a Brand – Develop powerful online presence through digital marketing. Position web presence prominently to easily appear in search engine results. Consumers trust a business that has earned top position through merit.

Market your services or products to the masses – Online platform is huge and it has a large number of users. Today, people turn to Google for anything and everything. Connect with buyers who are ready to buy through digital marketing and increase your customer base at a fast pace and with lowest budget of all marketing methods.

Winners through digital marketing – everyday businesses find success through digital marketing. A new business can appear next to or on top of an established old multinational, digital marketing has created a level playing field for business of all sizes.

Low cost brand building – digital marketing costs the least for building a presence and maintaining engagement with the target audience.

The Various Components of Digital Marketing

A team of professionals trained in art, graphics, writing and programming work on digital marketing assignments. The effort of the team is channelized in the following media:

Content Marketing – creatively written engaging content attracts target audience to webpages or websites. There are two types of content, one is for information and second is for entertainment. Content could be in the form of poem, story, article, blog, pictures, data, etc. Content is the foundation on which one builds the communication. With an overload of information everywhere, easily available for free, gaining attention of people is the challenge. Good writing manages to gain the attention of people to delight them successfully.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO for short – is the process of positioning web pages prominently in response to relevant search keywords. Searching customers reach the service/product vendor directly this way. Web pages and other content is listed and ranked based on what search engines consider the most relevant to the keywords searched. Organic ranking is free, the fee paid to the SEO company is the only expense. Keywords play an important role. Identify most searched keywords through research and place those keywords strategically throughout the website is one of the fundamentals of SEO among some 250 other steps. There are several strategies and methods for driving traffic to a web page.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM is the general term for paid ads and SEO. Paid ads can be prepared and activated in real time. The ad position is  determined through a bidding system where the highest bidder is given the top position. The ad position, duration, time of day, and importantly      budget can all be managed in real time.

Social Media Marketing – social media are the various platforms that people spend time in for entertainment and information. Maintaining a prominent position among relevant groups and communities is social media marketing and allows businesses to interact and build relation with an online community to promote their website or product.

E-mail Marketing – helps reach target audiences with ease, make announcements, make attractive offers and introduce products and services. A good quality and relevant database of target is important together with a well-designed, clearly written eMailer to engage the potential customer.

Every component of digital marketing compliments each other and a comprehensive, integrated digital marketing exercise will harness the potential digital offers to businesses today. Digital marketing has revolutionized the way we connect with people, search of services, learn new subjects and essentially lead our lives.