10 Advanced Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Explore the evolving digital marketing trends and weave them into your own strategies and succeed. So far, we have seen that these trends usually revolve around two concepts- humanization and technical optimization.

During this time last year, several businesses slowed down because of the suddenness brought by COVID-19. But if we look on the brighter side, the pandemic opened new doors to digital marketing services. Brands and companies insisted on turning digital, and now, after a year, it seems impossible to withhold our reliance on the digital world. In the new normal businesses started to explore the evolving digital marketing Services trends and embraced those ideas in their strategies and operations to gain busoness. So far, we have seen that these trends usually revolve around two concepts- humanization and technical optimization. Read on to learn more as to how these concepts will influence the top 10 advanced digital marketing trends in 2022.


Table of Contents

1. AI and Automation


Artificial Intelligence infusing into the digital marketing domain is no longer a concept. Companies have been incorporating this technology to boost their performance, hence gaining more efficiency.

     Smart assistants and voice search commodities use Artificial Intelligence to provide customers a great experience.

     Automation helps in saving a lot of time and concentrate on other factors like strategizing and planning.

     When Artificial Intelligence is combined with predictive analysis and Machine Learning, Big Data could help you understand your audience and customers better on a large scale.


2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can increase your company's exposure by incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website. You can improve the ranking of specific topics or keywords by simply analyzing and implementing different website strategies using SEO. Make sure your company gets listed on the search engine results pages (SERPs) to get more customers looking for a specific service. Here are a few crucial roles SEO plays in the digital marketing realm :

     It helps in increasing sales through inbound leads

     It makes your website mobile-friendly 

     It increases website speed time

     It establishes brand awareness

     It helps in improving website UX


3. Voice Search

According to Alphametic, over 50 percent of searches originate from voice searches. To make sure your brand shines amongst all the other brands more, it is essential to learn how optimizing voice search could help you get more traction. But the question here is, how can a simple voice search convert into sales? Well, the answer to this is simple. Take the example of Jetson.ai; they allow people to buy things directly from your site using voice search. They primarily work with almost all the popular devices.


4. Visual Search

Humans are emotional beings, and bringing out emotions via marketing could be a game-changer. Visual content has allowed us to add emotions in a short clip and make a simple communication memorable and impactful. Here are a few examples:

     A great example of visual content is a "LookBook." This collection can capture creativity and inspiration while providing an interactive design that engages customers, leading to increased sales and site traffic.

     Today, almost all the significant social media platforms support live video streaming and can be used to interact with many people without leaving the comfort of your home.


5. Snippets (No-Click Searches)

Snippets are an attractive feature introduced by Google where they are separated from the other results and highlighted in a small box that is always located on the top. Besides being eye-catchy, it also has extra information that a person might find relevant hence answering the person's question without clicking on it. This prompted the nickname, "no-click search."


6. Interactive Marketing

According to a Microsoft report, an average person's attention span is just 8 seconds and has been substantially declining with the ever-growing digitalization. So how could we achieve a person's interest in your business? Making interactive content can help in promoting more engagement and hence improving the user's enjoyment.

If we see Zomato's Instagram page, it doesn't look like a brand promoting online food delivery, but it seems like any other entertainment page. They make content that connects with users personally and allows them to answer for themselves and have their opinion heard. Note that, apart from all this, interactive marketing can help in product and site improvements by collecting data on user preferences.


7. Marginal Gains

Many influential and innovative companies that operate today employ several marginal gain strategies. All these companies make a sustainable plot consisting of several small developments in distinct areas of their service. If you wish to gain maximum improvements for your company, no refinements can be considered too small to overlook. Here are a few tips to multiply your marginal gains :

     Adopt the appropriate optimization mindset.

     Identify and prioritize your performance drivers

     Gain senior support for the optimization and resourcing initiative


8. Inclusivity

We live in a world that has always had its mixture of people of different genders, ages, races, religions, and so on. Marketing in any sense should always revolve around the real people who interact with your business. If a person finds an advertisement relatable, they seem to have more inclination towards the product than any other product. It is no doubt that a smart brand should always try to be customer-centric.


9. Customer Experience

When it comes to marketing, the thought of convincing a customer to buy or work at your company seems archaic and is no longer needed. The priority is shifting towards creating a more inhabitable business culture and providing good service. In this fast-moving world, a customer expects to have a seamless experience from when they set an interest in your company. How can this be achieved? Here are a few tips :

     Personalize the experience so that the customer feels a connection with your brand/company.

      Keep your marketing, sales, and customer teams in a single loop so that they can help deliver a great experience. 

     Give as much information as possible to your customers that can aid them in decision-making.


10. Chatbots

The last digital marketing trend in this list is chatbots. While chatbots have been used mainly by businesses, the marketing sphere has been significantly capitalizing on the trend.

     Social media and chatbots

Chatbots have known to be helping brands, and companies interact with their customers in a better way. A key instance of this can be seen where Uber allows its users to request a ride through the Facebook Messenger app. Here, chatbots blend the point of purchase with the marketing channels, creating a more seamless experience.

     AI-based Chatbots

AI-based chatbots enable users and clients to acquire a more personalized experience by handling and anticipating all the needs.


Summing Up

In 2022, businesses need to enhance their customer experiences by adopting advanced digital marketing trends. It is essential to know what's changing and how these new trends could come in handy for your company's progress.