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Google AdWords Services in Bangalore

Why Run Google AdWords Campaigns for Your Business?

Generate More Leads and Optimize Your Sales Funnel with Our Google AdWords Services

Use Google AdWords campaigns and our expertise to increase your brand visibility,
product sales and ultimately profits

Vistas Google AdWords services enables you to get the most out of your inbound marketing efforts and Google advertising strategies.
With Google PPC agency services, you can take your business to a wider and a targeted audience and connect with
them while they search for your product or service through Google search engine.

Vistas is a top-rated Google Advertising Agency and our Google adwords expert team will customize a PPC plan to position
your brand prominently in Google listings cost effectively. Our reputation as the top Google AdWords Service Provider is
gained over decades of experience and know-how. Google AdWords services lets you steer ahead of the attention race by
appearing on top of search results, paving the way for immediate website traffic and conversion.

Vistas is a leading Google adwords agency in Bangalore with a clear mandate – driving traffic to our client businesses.
Team Vistas will discover, research, discuss, strategize, and establish an effective Google adwords campaign with optimal ROI.

Our experienced AdWords experts ensure PPC ads are ideally positioned in Google listings,
and appear at the right time at the right place to connect with your customer.

Advantages Of Google AdWords Campaigns:

arrow Effective means of direct marketing for your website.

arrow Cost-effective way to increase targeted traffic to your site.

arrow High Return On Investment.

arrow Monitor the performance of your ads easily.

arrow Lets you set the price per click and you only pay for clicks you receive.

arrow Prime position at major search engines result pages.

Our Range Of Exclusive Google AdWords
Services From Vistas

  • Campaign Setup
  • Keyword Research
  • Geo Location Targeting
  • Ad Copy Development
  • Adword Bid Management
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Implementation of conversion tracking code
  • Google Goal Setup and Monitoring
  • Campaign Optimization and Management
  • Keyword Refinements
  • Bid Refinements
  • Development of Competitive Ad Copies
  • Ad Copy Refinements

Our Capabilities

Our cross-functional team and customer-driven approach have made Vistas a trusted marketing communications partner for scores of organizations. Explore the various services we offer and find out more about the value we can add to you and your organization.

Digital Marketing Services

We are a digital marketing agency that provides our clients with meaningful digital marketing services in order to make sure you can reach out to them in a meaningful way. Create tailored, evocative communications to engage, inform, and educate audiences in the digital community with our digital marketing services in Bangalore. We're one of the leading companies in search marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, and building a strong digital presence because we deliver results.

Search Engine Marketing

You have created a winning website with engaging web copy, stunning graphics and eye-catching visuals, and now it is time to invest in search engine marketing and drive targeted and qualified traffic to your website as soon as possible. Vistas' SEM Service experts are ready to make sure that your SEM campaign runs smoothly. A search engine marketing service involves a lot more than just pay-per-click. Search engine results drive lots of other forms of search marketing too.

SEO Services

You'll be way ahead of your competitors with successful search engine optimization campaigns. SEO can help you get more traffic, leads, and sales from your website. Be ranked higher than your competitors when they're always ranked higher than you. Commence SEO if you're starting a new business and need help getting off to a good start. SEO promotes and establishes your products and services in the market. When it comes to beating your competitors, SEO is a great place to start.

Local SEO Services

Our local SEO team members perform hundreds of processes for each keyword to get top rankings. Businesses have a wide range of nuances and goals, as well as a wide array of target audiences and target groups that they are trying to reach. We start with a discovery stage to get to know you and your business. During this stage, we get insight into implementing local SEO throughout the project's lifecycle.

SEO Consultation Services

Vistas SEO consultation helps you perform SEO effectively from a position of strength. You can beat your competitors by getting Google's first page rank for all your business keywords. It's easy to find out what's popular, what's untapped, and what's in demand when you study search patterns. Competition analysis reveals tremendous opportunities & the strengths & weaknesses of similar companies.

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO involves optimizing web pages so they work well for humans and search engines. The process of optimizing web pages for crawling, indexing, and ranking by search engines is called technical SEO. We optimize your website's various elements as part of our technical SEO services. Providing signals and directives so search engines can crawl, index, and rank web pages effectively is technical SEO.

SEO Packages

Providing all types of businesses with targeted search engine optimization services is Vistas' specialty, and our work is designed to fit the needs of every category of business, and our work offers great value for the money spent on it. We offer SEO packages for small, medium, and large businesses in terms of cost, as well as enterprise packages for bigger companies. We have carefully planned SEO packages with inputs from our team that are designed to cost-effectively position our clients' businesses above and ahead of the competition.

SEO Copywriting Services

The copywriters at Vistas are adept at writing search engine friendly content that places a page prominently on search engines but still maintains engaging and persuasive content that engages the reader. Besides being expert copywriters, our team are also SEO analysts who are experts in writing search engine friendly content which requires a thorough understanding of the working of search engines. Subject relevance is of critical importance as search engines compare information found there with other pages to determine relevance.

Link Building

In our link building services, we believe you'll get the best results if you get quality back links with keyword-rich anchor text from trustworthy websites. As part of our link building services, we will develop high quality backlinks for you through persuasive communication. Personal contact will be made with authority websites in your niche or industry to ask them to link to you. Additionally, prominent bloggers in your industry will link to your website after reviewing it.

ORM Services

In the current market environment, professional brand and company reputation management is crucial for the success of your company. In the presence of positive vibes surrounding your customer base, it is hard for them to look elsewhere when they are surrounded by your strong positive presence. Having a good online reputation establishes credibility, builds a positive reputation, and is a deciding factor in choosing your product, service, or brand.

Facebook Advertising Agency

With Facebook advertising, your business can build its online following, increase its brand awareness, and boost lead generation and revenue-generating efforts. As the top Facebook advertising agency based in Bangalore - the IT hub and the nerve centre for creative communications and digital marketing in India, Vistas AD Media Communications leverages the power of Facebook user-base to target and build your own community of customers that follow your offerings.

Eyeing on greater online visibility and sales?

Run Google AdWords campaigns that keep your cash register ringing.

Why Work With Vistas For Your Google AdWords Campaigns?

As an experienced Google adwords Services Company in Bangalore - Vistas has executed Google AdWords campaigns for an incredible portfolio of companies and businesses. We work with companies of all sizes and scales and ensure their goals and aspirations with PPC campaigns are met intact. We at Vistas will help control the budget, define your target regions, audience and accurately measure ROI and deliver sales.

Emphasis On Keyword Research

Our primary skill is the selection of keywords and presentation of the message to the audience for optimal response. The price we recommend for you is a carefully-planned exercise, never the highest and definitely not the least where the purpose of advertising is defeated.

Our Google adwords management services in Bangalore is one of the strong arms of search advertising. It delivers targeted traffic and directs interested buyers from major search engines and directories like Google, Bing and Yahoo to your website. The three biggest sources of Pay Per Click advertising are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

At Vistas we understand that for a Google AdWords campaign to stand out and be effective, it must involve the following three features- Strategic planning, Keyword Management and Content Accuracy. We will choose the exact keywords that target the right type of searcher to ensure that your ad is clicked regularly. Since PPC Advertising pricing varies by each unique keyword phrase, we can tailor make a campaign to fit a budget of any size. Not only do we control ad placements through location and language targeting we also refine ad placements with IP address exclusion disabling ad placements with no returns. We also use location based exclusion to target specific regions that is of interest to our clients.

Our USPs

  • Distinct creative and strategic approach to individual project we take up
  • Integrated digital marketing campaigns for optimized visibility and conversions
  • Dedicated project managers and creative teams by your side
  • Consistent monitoring of keyword performance and optimization
  • Offbeat and creative ideas as part of experimentation programs
  • The best-in-industry copywriters and designers
  • Transparent collaboration and reporting processes


A PPC campaign or Google AdWords campaign is part of a paid marketing strategy, where advertisements are placed at strategic locations of search results to hook and retain the interest of your target audience and pull them to become your customers. It is an ideal model if you intend to generate quick leads and push sales.

Organic marketing takes time and effort as you gradually build trust and credibility in your domain and finally beat search engine algorithms to claim your spot in search results. However, Google AdWords campaigns allow you to quickly get the traffic you need with advertisements. You could simultaneously build your organic marketing funnel while you juggle PPC campaigns for revenue.

Yes, keyword monitoring and optimization is part of our core priorities. The success of a Google AdWords campaign depends on how specific keyword research is and we take optimum care to ensure your keywords are monitored, negative keywords are removed, bidding strategies are on point and more.

Well, it depends on two factors - your budget and your goals. If you’re flexible with budget, the duration and expenses can be eliminated from the process. If you have clear goals, on the other hand, we can strategically budget your expenses to improve ROI. We recommend getting in touch with us to get customized quotes and pricing recommendations.

Yes, but if you’re working with us, we will set it up for you and execute campaigns.

Yes. AdWords campaigns are ideal for all types of businesses. You could be running a healthcare business, a retail store or even be a life coach and you would find Google AdWords campaigns relevant to your needs.

Google AdWords campaigns are mediums for your business to increase sales. What they guarantee is website traffic. How your website is designed to interact with visitors and how clear information is (and more factors) influence sales and conversions.

Yes, we would be happy to share our portfolio and success stories with you. You could talk to us about this.

The cross-functional team of experienced professionals, combined with our customer driven approach to services, has made Vistas a trusted marketing communications partner to scores of organizations far and wide. Explore the various services we offer and find out more about the value we can add to you and your organization.

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