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PPC Services Company Based in Bangalore Managing Global Clients

Let Vistas add more potency to your PPC advertising

As an experienced PPC Services Company in Bangalore Vistas executed PPC Campaigns reaches a clearly targeted audience who are searching for your product or service. We at Vistas will help control the budget, define your target regions, audience and accurately measure ROI and deliver sales.

Our primary skill is the selection of keywords and presentation of the message to the audience for optimal response. The price we recommend for you is a carefully planned exercise, never the highest and definitely not the least where the purpose of advertising is defeated.

Our PPC Services in Bangalore is one of the strong arms of search advertising. It delivers targeted traffic and directs interested buyers from major search engines and directories like Google, Bing and Yahoo to your website. The three biggest sources of Pay Per Click advertising are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Successful PPC campaigns involves several related elements including

Benefits of pay per click advertising

  • Effective means of direct marketing for your website.
  • Cost-effective way to increase targeted traffic to your site.
  • High Return On Investment.
  • Monitor the performance of your ads easily.
  • Lets you set the price per click and you only pay for clicks you receive.
  • Prime position at major search engines result pages.

At Vistas we understand that for a PPC Advertising Campaign to stand out and be effective, it must involve the following three features- Strategic planning, Keyword Management and Content Accuracy. We will choose the exact key words that target the right type of searcher to ensure that your ad is clicked regularly.

Since PPC Advertising pricing varies by each unique keyword phrase, we can tailor make a campaign to fit a budget of any size.

Not only do we control ad placements through location and language targeting we also refine ad placements with IP address exclusion disabling ad placements with no returns. We also use location based exclusion to target specific regions that is of interest to our clients.

Vistas PPC Services include the following activities:

  • Campaign Setup
  • Keyword Research
  • Geo Location Targeting
  • Ad Copy Development
  • Adword Bid Management
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Implementation of conversion tracking code
  • Google Goal Setup and Monitoring
  • Campaign Optimization and Management
  • Keyword Refinements
  • Bid Refinements
  • Development of Competitive Ad Copies
  • Ad Copy Refinements