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It’s the idea that makes business a success

in the first place,

online as well as in the high street.

Everything else follows in the eCommerce business – a great eCommerce website, product quality, efficiency, service quality and pricing structure must work in tandem to engage customers online and make a sale.

We painstakingly researched and put together this list of eCommerce business ideas that has a proven track record and are in great demand this year.

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Read on and discover a wealth of business ideas and find success online.

Organic Food Store

Rising consciousness of chemicals in our food makes organic food popular. Organically grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and every food item are available everywhere, albeit, at a premium price. With the increasing demand more agricultural land grows organic produce.

A well-stocked organic food store online is a business idea waiting to be tapped. Demand for organically produced food outstrips supply. While there are many physical stores that sell organic food, the convenience of an online eCommerce food store dedicated to organic food is a welcome proposition.

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Fashion/ Jewellery Store

Demand for fashion jewellery is very high and this is an item that is sought after and bought often. Multiple purchases and frequent buying makes fashion/jewellery store an lucrative online business idea.

Learn from success stories like Mirraw in India for this niche business within the country and look at Onychek that offers African inspired fashion and jewellery to the international market. Seek consultation from professional web development companies who will advice you on all aspects of successful eCommerce business ideas from hands on experience of working with scores of projects.

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Ayurvedic Products

Ayurveda has always been popular in our country owing to its non-side-effect properties. Its popularity has exponentially expanded now after the devastating pandemic and its suffering.

Set-up a ayurvedic pharmacy and watch your sales rise steadily. Reach out to a Ayurveda franchise owner and seek guidance. Every aspect of the operation will be presented to you from product selection, quantity and a selection of popular products will be supplied to you with recommended prices. Set-up an eCommerce Ayurveda store and spread good health, cheer and engage in a profitable business.

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Dining Mats

At first glance it might not look like much, but, once you understand the demand volume you will definitely want a piece of the action.

From basic placemats to luxurious textured placemats made of various attractive materials, you could easily showcase a range of dining placemats and gain a reputation as a specialist dining mat resource. Once you establish a base of loyal customers you could introduce new products and expand. An eCommerce store that specializes in dining placemats is an excellent idea to draw searching customers from across the country and the globe.

eCommerce Apparel Store

Launch your own online eCommerce apparel store. It is possible to build a loyal following for your apparel store provided you have a keen eye for identifying makers and suppliers of well made clothing in terms of styling, material and a steady and efficient supply.

While there are global brands and nation-wide chains with powerful eCommerce stores, it is still possible to build a successful eCommerce apparel store. Study success stories of Koai at, and Urban Suburban just to name two.

Consumption of clothing is continuous and the powerful fashion industry introduces new style ideas and trends constantly. So, there’s always a demand, throughout the year and in all seasons. You can never go wrong with apparel eCommerce store


Indian handicrafts is sought after the world over. There are many online handicrafts stores in the country, but, there is room for more. As in every business, if you have the eye to identify quality products for your eCommerce store then you have nailed it.

Craftsmen who make handicrafts abound across the country and have organized themselves through associations and co-operatives. It is easy enough to source a variety of handicrafts from each regions specialization in our country. Checkout Craft India for inspiration and motivation.

Nature Products

Establishing an online presence that offers natural products is a much needed service. Natural products demand has grown exponentially after the distressing pandemic calamity. Well established brands have seen their sales reach unprecedented levels. Overall, natural products (dietary supplements other than vitamins and minerals) remain the most common complementary health approach. The term natural product has also been extended for commercial purposes to refer to cosmetics, dietary supplements, and foods produced from natural sources without added artificial ingredients.

A online store with products selected with care and a comprehensive collection will effortlessly find patrons in the marketplace, anywhere in the world.

Sell art online

Selling art online is an exciting idea. The range of products and activities in art business are endless. Buy art, sell, original art, reproductions and printed art. Feature original artists, sell sculpture and home embellishments. The possibilities are endless.

Including all of these activities in an online portal can be accomplished with today’s technology. However, the driving force for such an enterprise will be the art loving spirit.

An online portal dedicated to art excites those of us who enjoy art. While every major art forum in the world have established powerful web presence, smaller portals dedicated to art is also flourishing. Art portals are an excellent choice of business in any part of the world.

Pet Food

Participate in the burgeoning pet food business. Pet lovers pamper their pets with food products, toys and pet health.

The immense demand for pet food will place you in business in any part of the world. Make an effort in choosing a comprehensive range of products for pets such as: treats, beds designed for pets, toys for every age group and chewers and pet grooming equipment.

Pet food business is ably driven by brands specializing in pet food and pet care. Stock popular pet food brands and pet parents will flock to your portal.

Wedding Goods

Set-up an wedding goods eCommerce portal and you can showcase an endless variety of wedding event requirements.

Some of the more popular wedding goods are bridal jewellery, bridal accessories, clothing and gifts. Wedding ceremony essentials run into hundreds of products. Wedding reception demands guest giveaways, wedding reception essentials such as flowers and decorative items.

The market for wedding goods is enormous and continues to grow. Promoting your wedding goods portal in a short period of time is possible when you actively hold promotional campaigns in Instagram and Pinterest. Attend weddings and meet all the various vendors and network with them, a good way to spread your portals reputation.

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The way forward

Once you have decided to launch a eCommerce business,
the next steps are crucial for the success of your new venture.

Validate your idea through research

Conduct a thorough market research and find out the leading operators in your chosen domain.
Their activities, and modus operandi will place you in the right track as to how you will establish your business.

Develop and implement the idea

You will now identify product manufacturers or service providers depending on your choice of business activity.
You will create the branding, establish a supply network, your delivery partners, and bankers.

Set-up funding and banking resources

It is now time to work on the source of your funds for the launch and sustenance during the
initial months when the business is just taking off.

Build your eCommerce portal

Work hard in identifying a web designer with all the skills to build your eCommerce website.
Find out their eCommerce platform experience and launch your eCommerce business.

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