When Should you redesign
your website?


A-state-of-the-art-website published a year ago is likely to need a review and website redesign to keep up with new technologies, design trends and new developments in the organisation.

For those who wish to remain at the forefront of competition a periodic review and website redesign services is imperative year on year

Revamping your website upgrades your brand to be at the cutting-edge. And if your website redesign strategy also includes content updates then Google is going to love your website for search engines require fresh content constantly to support their very existence.

Approach a reputed website
redesign company when

  • Your competitors have upgraded to a more attractive & communicative website
  • If your bounce rate is high – that’s when visitors quickly move on to other websites that offer the same products or service.
  • Your competition have incorporated easier to use features and functions on their websites that you would like to offer.
  • You have new products to offer and new services to provide.
  • Whenever you think of an improvement that will attract and improve user friendliness.
  • Consider regular website revamp and improvements as an investment and not an expense to avoid.
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The advantages of working with
Vistas as your website
redesign agency

Team Vistas is perfectly suited for redesigning or revamping websites for small companies to large corporation owing to our team skills. We at Vistas, are involved with every aspect of website creation process. Consequently, we always have new ideas for improvement. We believe every piece of work can be improved over and above the initial release, and this can be a continuous exercise. The measure for this improvement is easily visible when you compare the first effort to subsequent results.

Our creative capabilities encompass all the skills that goes into the creation and technology of websites such as: planning, architecting, designing, writing and engineering, further extending to marketing efforts and drive continuous stream of customer traffic.

We provide clarifications and answers to queries that arise frequently during our website redesign services


What is the cost of website redesign services?

Website redesign companies rates will depend upon the scope of work. It could be a major website design transformation work or it could be a simple website design and content upgrade.


How do you work out the website redesign charges?

We estimate the amount of time and the skill-sets that go into the assignment and based on these parameters we will arrive at a fair rate.


How much time is needed for upgrading or redesigning website?

Redesigning a website is a faster process than building a website from scratch.


What are the inputs you will require from us for redesigning our website?

Simply brief us on your thoughts, expectations and vision for the project and point us towards examples, competitors, if any, that you admire.

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Revamping website to get closer to the customer

Each member of our team is conscious of your customer at whom all efforts are directed. We practice experiencing the website from the users perspective and we are able to innovate ease of use in the first instance. With our website redesign services we take this customer centric approach to the crescendo of creativity.

Team Vistas is trained to be user-centric, and all our website redesign efforts are initiated on this user-centric principle. As the leading website redesign company our effort is focused on attracting customer traffic, leading to sales and to engage the audience and persuasively present your case and call to sales action.

Vistas website redesign services is executed to persuade consumers to buy, engage, inform, and interest shoppers to know all about you. The improvements we recommend during the website revamp process will inspire the audience, entertain, and present your case from your point of view.

We believe brand building is a continuous process of step-by-step improvement over our last efforts together with market trends and competitors intelligence.

Vistas’ designers, writers, technology professionals and digital marketing team deliver brand experiences to inspire and persuade target audiences.

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