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What are the latest digital marketing trends?

We bring to you a list of top digital marketing trends compiled by professional digital marketing experts from around the world.

Knowing your way around the latest digital marketing trends, and new developments gives you the advantage of being effective and successful in all your digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketing has propelled businesses to great heights through forward thinking digital marketing strategies. While digital marketing can be rewarding, the challenges it poses are not for the faint hearted. That’s why spending time and energy as well as your budget on a well thought out digital marketing plan with a sound strategy is imperative.

Successful digital marketing is based on a sound strategy. Strategize your digital marketing around your target audience persona and geo-location to begin with. Thereafter fine-tune your message to attract and appeal to the audience.

  • AI Driven Digital Marketing
  • Augmented Reality for Enhanced Consumer Experience
  • Popularity of Voice Search
  • Chatbots for Intelligent Communications

AI Driven Digital Marketing

Topping the list is the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. We have heard how significant a role artificial intelligence will play in our lives in the future. The fact is: AI is already here, and data states some 60% of internet users are even now interacting with AI chat bots for answering queries and providing solutions through ubiquitous apps and web portals.

Artificial intelligence curates, customizes and filters content to suit each one of our interests. The content we consume in popular online media is selected and fine tuned by AI to inform, educate and entertain us.

Artificial intelligence technology is projected to rise to a whopping $190 billion industry within 2025, that’s practically at our doorstep.

AI is self-learning and its applications are endless. JP Morgan and Chase have put to work artificial intelligence for their content writing work, AI is already accomplishing incredible feats by crunching vast amounts of data from a certain topic or field and its ability to see patterns and figure out the best outcome.

Incorporating AI in digital marketing will elevate outcomes to great heights. AI is precise, highly effective and incredibly cost effective.

Augmented Reality for Enhanced Consumer Experience

Augmented reality enhances our real-world environment through computer-generated perceptual information and offers an out-of-this-world interactive experience.

Primarily, AR offers the following features:

  • Delivers real and virtual worlds in an irresistible combination.
  • Interactions are in real-time.
  • 3D registration of virtual and real objects are accurate

In terms of grand futuristic ideas, virtual reality is exciting, but augmented reality has broader implications, especially from a marketing perspective. Industry experts predict that AR will continue to outperform VR in terms of its applications and market share.

Brands increasingly turn to AR technology to elevate customer experiences. IKEA offers customers a preview of their home with IKEA’s furniture. You can move the furniture around to explore various positions and angles.

AR, truly a technology of the future, is steadily making inroads with its unlimited applications.

trending digital marketing in 2022 technology of the future

Popularity of Voice Search

Research indicates 55% teenagers use voice search on a regular basis – a measure of its popularity today and its prospects for the future.

Increasing adoption of smart speakers in household is habituating people to use their voice to search. Some 20% households own a smart speaker, either Amazon, Alexa or Google Home.

Voice search fetches you information with the least bit of effort. Most devices will be fully voice controlled in the near future. And almost everything can be accomplished with a simple voice command.

Google says its accuracy level with voice search is now at 95%, with such ease of use the future for voice command is indeed bright in the near term.

More importantly, projections indicate 50% of all online shopping is to be conducted through voice command during the year. That translates into a massive $40 billion opportunity for digital marketing professionals.

Clearly, the future is search through voice command and optimising your online assets for voice search will be a standard practice that needs to begin now.

Chatbots for Intelligent Communications

Communicate with multiple customers by way of chat through instant messaging or auditory methods.

Essentially, chatbots are computer programs that simulate and process human conversations both written or spoken, making it possible for humans to interact with digital devices just as they would communicate with a real person.

Chatbots can be simple programs that answer a query with a single-line response, or complex as digital assistants that learn and evolve to deliver increasing levels of personalization as they gather and process information.

Sophisticated chatbots are contextually aware and leverage natural-language understanding (NLU), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) to learn as they go. Chatbots apply predictive intelligence and analytics to personalise answers drawing on past user behaviour and user profiles.

Clearly, the future is search through voice command and optimising your online assets for voice search will be a standard practice that needs to begin now.

Organisations engage with customers through chatbots. Some of the benefits of using chatbots are:

  • Engage with multiple customers at once
  • Provide 24/7 customer service
  • Instant response to queries

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