As a business owner, you know how important properly marketing your business can be. However, it can be difficult to decide which tactics will get you the results that you are looking for and which tactics are sorely outdated. Doing a quick google search will bring up a seemingly endless amount of hits, and while some of it seems like good advice, it is two or three years old. In internet years, that information is practically vintage at this point.


The information you are seeking is out there, it just takes a whole lot of digging to find it. Luckily, we did all of the work for you and compiled this list of 9 marketing tactics that are working in 2019. You’re welcome.


smart marketing in 2019


Focus on Content Marketing

This tip has been gracing the top of lists, and it is still going strong. Content marketing is a great tool to use in your marketing efforts because it can be applied to any type or niche of business. Small businesses and larger businesses can both benefit from a solid content strategy. It helps build your website SEO and can help you become more relevant on your social media channels and assist in your email marketing campaigns. Creating a good content marketing strategy should take up a large portion of your marketing efforts in 2019.


Use Facebook for Targeting Older Markets

While Facebook is still the premiere social media platform, the age of its users is definitely trending up. In fact, 41% of the current users are aged 65 and older. While it is still a safe bet for many of your ad campaigns, it may not be the best place to capture younger audiences such as Millennials and Gen Y. However, if your target audience is a bit older, Facebook is still an excellent source of potential customers.


Utilize Chat Bots

Marketing in 2019 means making use of artificial intelligence. One of the easiest ways to incorporate AI into your marketing strategy is by implementing chatbots either in your website itself or to help with social media engagement. The recent iteration of chatbots are intelligent and much more sophisticated than they were in the past. You can use them to gather information and interact with your customers on your social media channels. They can also help you send relevant notifications and help you avoid bombarding your customers with irrelevant information.


Spend Time on Instagram

Remember when we said that the younger generations aren’t hanging out on Facebook anymore? Well, that is because they have all migrated over to Instagram which isn’t actually a big deal to Facebook at all because they own Instagram too. It is good news for you too, because Instagram has more than one billion users logging in. The majority of the users on Instagram are in the under thirty category, and it only seems to be on the rise in popularity. As a business, you need to go where your audience hangs out, and if that is Instagram, you will need to develop a good strategy for the platform. To win on Instagram, you will need to focus on your aesthetic and try to amp up your engagement.


Don’t Neglect Your Email List

Building your social media following is great, and it should definitely be one of your marketing focuses for 2019. However, as of yet, nothing can beat the email list. Algorithms change all the time, and you will always be scrambling to adjust. Yet, when you collect those precious email addresses, you will always have a direct line of communication open with your customers. Finding ways to entice your customers to give up their addresses and creating compelling email chains that have them clicking to your site should definitely be part of your marketing strategy.


Creating Video is a Necessity

Having high-quality photos and well-written content will only get you so far in 2019. You have to break out the video. Consider the popularity of YouTube: 1.3 billion users, 300 video hours uploaded every single minute, 5 billion videos watched on a daily basis. Do you see how important video is? It is easier than ever to create good quality video (and it should go without saying that your video quality needs to be top-notch.) While you don’t necessarily need to create your own YouTube channel, you need to at least create video ads and video content for your website.


Going Live

While it is important to create good quality videos in order to get your customers’ attention, you will also want to focus on another type of video as well: live video. This is quickly becoming extremely important in the online marketing world, and it should be something that your marketing efforts are implementing or at least considering. Live streaming can even be combined with your influencer marketing efforts to good effect. With an influencer of the right personality, you can create a very compelling and engaging live stream that will capture the attention of our customers like no other campaign will.


Prepare for the Voice Search

It seems like everyone is getting an Alexa or a Google assistant these days to make things easier at home. Plus, the iPhone users have been relying on Siri for years. What this means to a business owner is that you are going to need to tweak your keywords and your SEO. The way people speak and the way they type are not the same, and it has a huge effect on their search results. You will need to consider voice searches when you create your content and assign your keywords so that your site gets the hit whether the search was done using the search bar or with a “hey, Siri.”


Get the Marketing Help You Need

As a business owner, you may be worried about all these new changes to the marketing world. It often seems that as soon as you master one path, another pops up in its place. The online world moves quickly, and it can be difficult to keep up. Vistas Ad Media Communications is here to help you keep up. We maintain expertise in the marketing world so that you can focus on running your business.