Web Development Technologies in 2023

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Web Development Technologies in 2023

Web development services is a sought-after skill in 2020. With over 2 billion websites in existence, thousands more are added every-day, among 2.5 billion active internet users.

Demand for trained talent in artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics and blockchain are to multiply in 2020. Specifically, most in-demand skills are: data analytics, AWS, data science, ML, NLP, data visualization, IoT, AI and blockchain.

The world today is highly technical and emerging technologies create ever more demand for web development companies in Bangalore and similar IT hubs around the world. Clients organizations increasingly prefer dedicated full stack developers with experience and functional know-how of web applications development.

Web development is at the forefront of innovation, we present our insights on new and emerging web development technologies:


Top Web Development Technologies for 2020 and Beyond

TChatbots Integration

The experience of interacting with a chatbot is delightful, a chatbot has access to information you seek in an instant, responses are far faster than when a human at the other end searches for the required information and invariably takes the time to enquire with a senior or team lead. Chatbots development and integration is all the rage among customer facing organizations.

A forecast by Gartner indicates 85% customer interactions in2020 is to be handled not by a human, but a chatbot.

Usage of messaging apps such as: WhatsApp, Slack, Skype are skyrocketing. Some 1.2 billion users per month access Facebook Messenger.

With the advent of messengers, virtual chatbots that mimic human speech and holds intelligent conversations, performs tasks and provides relevant information is clearly the future of technology development. We now know that Chinese have reached a point in developing chatbots known as WeChat bots that regularly orders a taxi, sets appointment with a doctor.

Chatbots have already proven as an improvement over human customer service for they are efficient, with minimal costs, works 24x7 and maintenance free. And offers complete customer satisfaction with minimal complaints.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI and machine learning skills are all the rage in the web and application development industry. Technology majors such as: Google, Facebook, Twitter are powered by Artificial Intelligence. Contemporary web development technologies seamlessly integrate with every advanced technology available today. Technologies such as: AR/VR, AI, and ML are routinely deployed in building advanced websites. Leading web development frameworks thrive with such emerging technologies worldwide.

Motion User Interface (UI) Design

Users today demand outstanding user experience, superior UI design that is easy to use with intuitive navigable flow of information is the secret of engaging target audiences. Web pages developed with attractive and interactive elements and interesting web page layout will have users flocking to web pages and deliver increased dwell time on web pages. Creative animated headers & banners, animated charts, background animations and hover effects gives life to pages and attracts customers.

Browser Extension Development

APIs are now the answer to earlier plugins and browser extensions. Deployment of third-party APIs to enhance browsing experience is now an outdated concept. With Google ruling the roost among search engines, demand for Google Chrome browser extensions are at an all-time high and steadily growing. Browser extensions drives customer traffic, secures and safeguards data and protects user privacy.

The mighty Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook as well as every top technology giants around the world encourage the use of browser extensions. Understanding browser extension development is imperative now and for the future.


Blockchain has revolutionised development efficiency and transformed the security and data technologies. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology and makes it possible to store data globally on numerous of servers. Permitting everybody on the network see everyone else's entries in close to real-time. Making it impossible for users to change or manipulate the network.

Blockchain technologies have been embraced by financial, educational, healthcare sectors and expected to generate a whopping $10.6 billion revenues by 2023.

Future of Web Development is the RAIL Concept

Currently, website users are habituated to a page load time of around 3 seconds. Web pages built with Response Animation Idle Load (RAIL) will load web pages in one second flat. RAIL is a new web development technology that radically speeds web page loading.

RAIL is a methodology that makes users the focal point of the development effort. A user centric performance model, RAIL breaks down user experience into several actions. RAIL guides web developers towards a web page layout structure that is completely user focused and user friendly achieving a pleasant user experience.

Some of the Top Web Development Frameworks in 2020

React follows a component-based website development model. Highly popular since 2018, today React JS is considered the top popular front-end website development framework.

React is the base in the development of a web page or mobile applications. React handles data rendering, therefore, additional libraries are needed for creating React applications such as: state management, routing, and interaction with an API.

JavaScript developers prefer this framework for web development services. Resources abound for learning React development.


Angular development is sought after for JavaScript front-end web development framework and is an excellent choice for code structures and modules. Writing testable codes is effortless with this development framework.

In the event that React JS proves challenging then Angular is an easier front-end technology. With plenty of learning resources Angular development is the next best development technology today.

The learning curve for Angular is friendlier when compared with React JS, However, React JS performance is superior.


Among several Python web frameworks Django stands out as the most powerful.

Python is a sophisticated coding language with immense libraries and comprehensive web development frameworks.

Preferred by full-stack developers Django offers an array of features, robust and comprehensive libraries and code modules. Django performs tasks such as URL routing, object-relational mapping (ORM), template engine, and database migrations quickly and efficiently. Popular around the world Python development skills are in great demand in leading web development organizations.


Ember is a trusted Javascript web application development framework, released in 2011. Its core functionalities like advanced management system, strict organization, and a very professional web development environment are influencing and enhancing many web development services.

The Ember web application development framework is highly useful in creating some of the most complicated web apps. A few examples are companies like Google, Netflix, Microsoft, and Heroku who use this framework.

Ruby on Rails

Large web development projects such as Airbnb are built on Ruby on Rails framework. Some 260,000 websites are built on Ruby on Rails. Ruby language offers solutions to complex problems.

Ruby on Rails has comprehensive tools and libraries that can be deployed to efficiently reduce development timelines.

RoR framework provides test automation abilities making it possible to employ smart features and enhance the quality of software.

Ruby on Rails framework is best to build cloud-based applications, food & restaurant reservation solutions, social media networking platforms and various other web platforms.


Vue.js is yet another efficiency enhancing new web framework popular with high-end web development organisations around the world. Highly popular for its many advantages Vue.JS platform demand is steadily on the rise.

The simple structure of Vue.JS helps solves issues effortlessly. A versatile framework Vue.JS is an incrementally adoptable ecosystem and performs as a library and a full-featured framework.

Vue.JS offers advanced features for developing complex applications such as routing, state management and build tooling. Vue.JS developers can access supporting libraries and packages.


Symfony is a PHP web application framework and a set of reusable PHP components/libraries.

A well-known and highly popular PHP framework deployed to create websites and web applications.

Developed over Symfony Components, Symphony web development framework has gained an excellent reputation and popular among the PHP developer community. An excellent choice for developing complicated web-based applications Symfony minimises development time considerably.

Drupal, phpBB, and eZ Publish are some of the major PHP web applications developed with Symfony’s set of decoupled and reusable components.

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