10 Reasons Why Content is Crucial
for Digital Marketing

Anthony Dayal


The Global Digital report has measured that on average people spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online using the internet and social media through varied devices.

Why Content is Crucial for Digital Marketing

According to ‘Global Digital report’ compiled by the combined efforts of We Are Social and Hootsuite there are around 4.49 billion people who are actively using the internet daily.

Amazingly, it’s more than half of the population. Organizations big and small, major brands as well as local businesses deploy digital marketing with quality and creative content to connect and engage every individual user instantly, in a matter of seconds.


Brand Recognition How Content Drives the Digital Universe

Each media has its specific audience, whereas, content driven digital marketing has no boundaries, the online world thirsts for content, quality content is picked up and used, reused, repurposed, converted to text, imagery, moving visuals and redeployed for various customer consumption.

The digital universe makes it possible for smaller and newer businesses to compete with long established giants, it is a level playing field out there.

Professional Digital Marketing Agencies

Though 4.49 billion people is a very overwhelming number, not everyone will take an interest in all the available content. Professional Digital Marketing companies clearly identify target audiences and serve them with information that interests the identified target niche such as: lifestyle, food, health, entertainment, travel, technology, real estate, healthcare, fintech or education.

Tools & Techniques Drive Digital Marketing

How is that when you look up something on Google related advertisements and information appears prominently on your page vying for your attention. Smart use of content and technology makes this possible. The writer researched and included correct terminology in the advertisement.

Seth Godin said, “content marketing is the only authentic and useful marketing left in the world today.”

According to the report published by Netcraft, there are 644 million active websites on the internet and the number is increasing exponentially with each passing year.

The 2018 Global Consumer Insights Survey demonstrates the importance of authenticity and transparency in the customer’s decision-making process.

The Authentic Brand Study conducted by Cohn and Wolfe also shows that 91 percent of customers are willing to reward a brand for authenticity.

Live videos, webcasts, and webinars have also become one of the trendiest content marketing strategies in 2020. It has been predicted that by 2021, Authentic Brand Study videos will make up 82 percent of global internet traffic.

Also, research studies from Aberdeen state that marketers who utilize video content experience a 49 percent increase in revenue than those who do not. Thus, more marketers are adopting this content marketing strategy in 2019.

Optimizing SEO for voice search is also one of the top content marketing strategies employed in 2020 that has significantly impacted the digital industry. SEO has increasingly moved to voice search in 2020. As of 2018, only 2 in every 5 adults utilized voice search once per day. However, ComScore has predicted that by 2020, 50 percent of all voice searches will be done via voice search.

Artificial Intelligence is another content marketing trend that has been a massive game-changer in the digital world in 2020. According to Techgrabyte, AI is the most immense commercial opportunity for over the next few years. It is expected that AI will increase the global GDP by 14 percent from 2020 to 2030.

Chatbots are one of the most popular forms of Artificial Intelligence. More businesses have increasingly used them in personalizing and facilitating customer engagement. Just as Grand View Research predicted, the chatbot industry has grown significantly. This growth has helped many businesses to cut down operating costs substantially.

Also, concerning the use of Artificial Intelligence, digital advertising has become more programmatic. Programmatic advertising refers to the use of AI to systematically program ad campaigns and optimally capture targeted consumer attention.

Tips for High Quality Digital Marketing in 2020

Beauty attention, interesting words engages the senses, therefore, quality communication is the essence for successful digital marketing and here is a list of fundamentals:

  • Mobile first is the now and future, build for the mobile.
  • Try out every media channel and determine the ones that work for you through result metrics.
  • Maintain consistent visibility through frequent engagement exercises, for ‘out of sight is out of mind’ is applicable here

Be reminded that the key to using content marketing effectively in 2019 is not just to employ its strategies. You also need to ensure that your content is top quality.

The Future of Digital Industry

Looking at the pace at which the world is moving forward we can only expect that the digital marketing future is just as bright as the sun. If a company wants to reach to more people, it should increase their visibility on the internet and digital marketing is the answer to that.

According to Google, companies who hired a digital marketing agency have seen 2.8 times increase in their revenue. That’s why by 2023 digital marketing will be a $146 billion industry, according to Forrester report presented by Marketing Dive.

Obviously, there would be some changes in the future as to how a person would respond to the internet. According to ComScore, by 2020, 50 percent of the search would be over voice or screenless.

We can confidently conclude that digital marketing is the future of every commercial activity worldwide and it’s a new era where digital marketing will only reach new heights in the digital world.

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